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We Can Work It Out: Playlist additions, affordable exercise tools, and so forth

I once interviewed someone for a job, over the phone (see, things are already awkward) who ended every single sentence with “… and so forth”. It was odd and distracting, but did make it sound like he had a lot more to talk about and we just didn’t have the time to explore it in-depth. I’ve kind of liked saying it ever sense.

Anyway, remember that time I put my pride aside and listed the 25 workout jams on my playlist? Even the border-line embarrassing ones? Hey, it’s all about the BPM (beats per minute that is)(… and so forth). Well, I thought it was about time to add a few more I’ve been hitting the pavement to, and then ramble about some of my other favorite fitness gear. I’m certainly no expert… and not exactly a hard-body… but I do like to get my workouts in.

Workout Playlist Updates, Recommended Tools, and So Forth | Painting Sunny

Let’s Hit The Pavement Playlist Additions

I Love It by Icona Pop

Wings by Little Mix

Get Lucky by Daft Punk

I Like It by Enrique Iglesias

… and my hubs would like to add the following, from his playlist:

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

Love Generation by Bob Sinclar

Proud by Heather Small

And We Danced by Macklemore

My Favorite Fitness Tools and Tips

As a Mom who works outside the home, it can be a little tricky to get workout time in. Sometimes gadgets are just silly or expensive, but sometimes they can shave just enough minutes off the process to mean getting that extra workout it. Or, make it interesting enough to get me out there and active. Here are a few of my favorites, with budget in mind:

Your Local Park (Probably Totally Free To Use)

A few weeks ago I had both kids home with me, and wanted to fit in a workout while it was still light out. I remembered reading in a magazine about this woman who traveled and worked out at parks, including doing jumps and lunches on park benches. I totally went for it; while the kids were on the slides, I was jogging laps around the playground area and jumping on those benches like there was no tomorrow. I later found this article from Fitness Magazine, which helps you take full advantage of free outdoor facilities.

Food Journaling (Just The Cost Of A Pen And Paper)

I’ve heard this is the most effective tool for weight loss. For me, this is totally true. I’m not currently keeping a food journal, but I certainly have and there are lots of effective ways to do it. Grab a notebook and a pen (I like a small one that fits in my handbag) and you’re set. Want to get fancier? Research various apps and other tools to take it electronic. Personally, I’ve always preferred the old-fashioned hand-written way. Check out this site and others for more recommendations.

Online & Electronic Resources

Real Simple’s Fitness Charts (Free With Internet Access)

Have a break from work and want to get in a quick workout? I like to check out of one these Real Simple Magazine Exercise Charts. Their instructions are good, they have a lot of them specific to particular areas you want to work out, and they add more all the time. Check it out!

Nike+ (If You Have a Smartphone, Free)

I do use an iPhone when I run, and I love Nike’s Running App. My husband introduced me to it, and I originally used an insert in a pair of Nike shoes I had to connect to my iPod before I had an iPhone. Now, I just use the GPS function in the app. It works well, sync’s great with my music and had never let me down. I use it every time I run, and even compete against friends via Facebook through this app.

Map My Run (Free Alternative to Nike+ or Others, If You Have Internet Access)

You don’t need a Smartphone or an app to have a great run. My husband used to use Map My Run’s website all the time to plan out runs ahead of time. You can factor in time and distance, and try out some new scenic routes – I highly recommend. They do, for the record, have an app that is good too.

Calorie King (Free With Internet Access)

While they also have an app, I used to use their website daily to check on calorie counts. Counting calories isn’t for everyone, but food journal writing can be a great tool and this can help, if counting up calories is part of your process. Calorie King is the most comprehensive resource I’ve found for the foods I happen to eat, and it is pretty user-friendly too.

Spark People (Free With Internet Access)

I haven’t used it much personally, but have always heard great things about SparkPeople.Com and the support it provides.

Workout Gear (Varies Costs)

For the record, my favorite running shoes are by Saucony. I have wide feet, high arches, and like pretty pinks and purples so they always fit the bill. Sometimes I try others, but I always end up coming back. This is totally not sponsored; just what I honestly like and use and can find on a really good sale in my area. I pay $60-100 for my shoes, so not cheap at all, but there are more affordable styles.

I use a Belkin armband like this one to hold my iPhone when I run, and like it… but it is a little large for me. However, it is adjustable and comfortable and cheaper than some of the alternatives. I believe we paid about $30 for mine, which isn’t cheap – but it has lasted me through 2 years and many, many workouts so far, so I can’t help recommending it.

If all else fails, try out a Mindy Kaling style Revenge Fantasy.

Any other new workout jams I should know about? Awesome websites? Food journalers out there? Happy fitness, everyone!

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Links to products on Amazon may be affiliate links. Keepin’ it real.