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The Recently Rundown: Ithaca Art Market, Whirlwind Family Visits, Prepping for 1st Grade

I know, last week I was totes not around much and everyone was asking “What is up with you, giiiiirl?”

Okay, I promise if we were living in a 90’s sitcom you would have been asking like that. On a plastic neon land-line phone with one of those curly cords. Does anyone else really, really miss TGIF at the end of a long week? Or remember Must See TV? That was awesome. Sigh.

Anyway, nostalgia aside – we had a lot going on! Prep yourself for some photos. First came the Ithaca Artists Market which was my first since moving into town, and I went there solo. It’s weird being alone when you are used to having little tykes with you constantly, but kind of liberating.

The Steamboat Landing here in Ithaca is an awesome location used for the Farmer’s Market and other events. See how pretty and spacious it is?

Ithaca Art Market Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyI didn’t want to be a creeper and have to get into that whole “I totally have a blog and am legit. Really, please don’t escort me out” situation so limited my snooping around and photo taking. These are all iPhone pics, so bear with me!

There were a few local artists that, whether or not their wares were my particular style, I was seriously impressed with. Behold…

Ithaca Art Market Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyI researched them a bit (again, I promise I’m not a creeper. My argument is becoming less convincing, isn’t it?) and this artist is a local by the name of Sally Dutko who specializes in fiber arts. They were colorful, original, and whimsical. Her website is linked right here. Check her out! BTW, she has no idea who I am – I just liked her work, I’m not paid or perked or affiliated with any of the artists. Well, besides living in the same town.

Ithaca Art Market Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyThese pieces by Spirit And Kitsch also caught my eye as being fun and fresh and something unique in the crowd of stalls. Her website is linked right here, and her name is Alice Muhlback.

The one that took serious restraint not to go on a spending spree was this one…

Ithaca Art Market Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyI thought of Sherry at YHL and her ceramic houses. I think these trees and delicate vases are equally awesome, and love that they are made by a local artist too. I did some digging and believe the artist is named Matthew Glaysher, although he doesn’t appear to have a website. Matthew, if you are out there – you blew my mind.

What else has been going on? Well, prepping this kiddo for her 1st grade!

Prepping for 1st grade | Painting SunnyThe summer can fly by, and I don’t want her getting too rusty with her academics. So, when I spotted these worksheet books at Dollar Tree, I nabbed one subtraction, one addition, and one language arts book for $1 each. Obviously, since it’s Dollar Tree. All three of them are First Grade level, and I’m tearing out one sheet from each, which makes three per day, for her to do. And they are double-sided… so she has her work cut out for her.

Prepping for 1st grade | Painting SunnyEven if they aren’t chosen by her actual teacher and may not be perfect, I think it is helping her get back into the habit of sitting, focusing, and thinking about these topics. She has surprised me a couple times with what she can do, and a couple other times I realized how much a kid can forget over the summer! It’s a long three months, yo.

Next up was a whirlwind family visit with Grandma June and Aunt Norma! The kids were beyond excited. The delight when they saw their Grandma and Aunt was evident. These are some of their fav people in the world!

Family Visit Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyIt was quite the visit. Above you can see the crew at the Syracuse Zoo, and they had a blast!

Family Visit Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyThey also hit up the Sciencenter here in town, which I don’t have a convenient pic of but they reported was spectacular. They also spent an afternoon at the Taughannock State Park at the beach, and apparently never tired of filling and emptying their little pails. So glad the weather was warm enough!

Family Visit Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyFood is always a big deal with kids and whenever fam is in town, right? I’m pretty sure the above pic was taken at Ithaca Bakery, but I wasn’t there so could be wrong!

Family Visit Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyWe all got together for dinner at a local restaurant called The Nines and it was so pretty out we ate out on the patio. It used to be a firehouse and now is literally next door to the firehouse, so it is a great location for a 3 year old to hang out just in case something exciting happens! We didn’t catch a glimpse of any firefighters or big red trucks, but might head back sometime during lunch on a weekday, just in case. The pizza was awesome. We are in New York, though… so shouldn’t expect any less.Family Visit Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyThese kids know how to eat.

Anyone else showing off local restaurants to family? Wishing they could fill their whole house with local ceramics? Just love pizza?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.