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DIY Ceramic Animal Hall of Fame

Okay, this post is random and yet feels necessary. And okay, a bunch of them are not at all ceramic-looking and are gold or brass… that is just the current DIY climate. Hater’s gonna hate, but sometimes when there is a bandwagon you just have to jump on it. That sounded more confusing than I thought it would.

I present to you, The World Wide Web’s Best Ceramacized Animals.

I feel pretty confident that is a word.

DIY Ceramic Animal Hall of Fame | Painting Sunny

Can you believe it isn’t all owls? I’m just as shocked. But seriously, the fat little owl is probably my favorite.

1. DIY Animal Bookend by Natalme. Seriously, that is one cute hippo and the blue is so vibrant. My little boy would love one in his room, for suresies.

2. Do a Deer by Bower Power. How could this not be included, this deer is just so damn regal. Her Sexy Rexy post should get an honorable mention, as well.

3. Horse Squared by Young House Love. Obviously, YHL gets mentioned as they are my fav blog to obsess over follow. Still, these horse heads are unique in their bright color and more abstract design. I would love to stumble upon something like the before at my local thrift store! (No idea why that rhymed strangely.)

4. A Happier Ceramic Owl by A Swell Place to Dwell. This owl is bad ass now. I love the pink, too – my dream is to find some ceramic animals to spray paint, and for them to end up hot pink or coral or somewhere in between, so this one I was especially drawn too.

5. Spray-painted cockatoo by On My Honor. Honestly, I just never expected to see a spray-painted cockatoo. This one takes the prize for originality, and also for props in the picture. I love it.

6. Ceramic Owl Makeover by Teal and Lime. Yes, this one is my favorite. It looks so much like something from West Elm or Pottery Barn, I had to read the post twice. This owl has so much personality! I thought the owl craze might be about over, but this one should kick-start it again.

7. DIY Gold Elephant by The Eclectic Owl. Okay, this might be the most pinned thing in the universe it is so cool! Just wait until I get my hands on a plastic elephant. That sounded more violent than I meant. Anyway, I also love her very random collection of books put together and the fact that I believe I have read all of them at some point.

8. Updating X-Mas Decorations by Beautiful Haven. I first saw this on Better After, and while it is possibly the most random addition to this list (even more so than the cockatoo, since I’m pretty sure an elf isn’t an animal) I love how it turned out. And yes, I love that this blog is named Beautiful Haven since my own little daughter is named Haven and she is certainly beautiful. It is a cool elf, in any case. #I’mNotBiased

9. DIY Dollarstore White Lion Bookends by Sweet Suite Ten. I love projects that originate at the Dollar Store, and this is one of the best turnouts I’ve seen! They are just so perfectly spray-painted… Michelle, please come over to my house and help me with my technique?

10. Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Ceramics by First Lady of the House. I hope she runs across a bunny at some point, I would love to see how it turns out! These would be sweet in a nursery any time of year, not just at Easter. I love that duck that is lunging forward!

11. DIY Brass Figurines by Hi Sugar Plum. These are so cool, and I love how differently they each looked before! It’s like your own fancy  little zoo. On a random note, that lamp next to the giraffe is so gorgeous… I can’t stop staring.

Anyone else hanging desperately on to this ceramic animal trend? Scouring a thrift shop for a rabbit or giraffe, or just open to whatever animal may find you? Is this a random enough post? It’s a little obvious what I’ve been pinning, huh?

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Little Pink Whiteboard Project

Sometimes it’s those quick little projects that are so satisfying, fun, and brighten up my day and a room in the house, too. This is one of them. Haven has had two dry erase boards hanging above the desk in her room for years now, which are totally mismatched and she only really uses one of them. They are awesome to have around, but I wanted to make it a little brighter for her. Mom covered one in pictures and captions of Haven with her loved ones originally, so those will go back up after we get settled in our new place (Just a few more weeks! Eeek!)

Isn’t she pretty? (at least for a dry erase board…)

Little Pink Whiteboard Project | Painting Sunny

I learned how hard it is to get a dynamic photo with nice composition… of a dry erase board. Also, I should have cleaned the marker off the white surface of it before taking the picture. That’s what I get for trying to snap pics while getting ready in the morning.

Here she is before: the darker-colored wood-framed one to the right. Not the one covered in Tic Tac. To be specific. BTW, is it called Tic Tac?

Little Pink Whiteboard Project | Painting Sunny

I decided to use other whiteboard (the lighter-colored one to the left) in Lo’s room after we move, as it fits better with his decorating scheme and both kids could use one. One board is a quicker little mid-week painting project, too!

Little Pink Whiteboard Project | Painting Sunny

I started off by prepping the board to be painted. The most important part was to make sure the actual dry erase board part didn’t get painted on. I used some notebook paper and painters tape to cover the surface.

This was easy-peesy-lemon-squeezy. Yep, I just said that. I started off with a couple quick coats of Krylon spray primer that I already had sitting around, then followed it up with three light coats of Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in Raspberry. BTW, this is not sponsored by Krylon in any way – they don’t know I exist. It’s just what I’ve been using.

I love the color. I still have almost the entire spray can left, and am hoping to find some thrift-store ceramic animals at some point (come on, someone please donate some to our local Goodwill!) and spray them the same color.

True confession: The paint didn’t stick as well in a couple tiny spots as I would like it to have. I assume partly because wasn’t sanded (was technically a wood surface, but not very sandable. That’s a word. Also, I partly painted in the half-dark and with fluctuating temps so who knows what all contributed. It actually isn’t noticeable unless you’re holding it up to the light and rubbing it, so I have a feeling no one else will ever notice.

Well, that’s one quick little project out of the way before the move.

Anyone else spray painting in the almost dark? Going for shades of pink on their office supplies? Happy it is spray-painting weather again?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

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In The Mood For Ikea (A Triple Moodboard Love Fest)

The best part of planning our move so far (for me, anyway) is our planned trip to Ikea. We are re-selling quite a few furniture items that we don’t want to move all the way and which we aren’t totally in love with, so we’re hoping to make enough money off those to completely cover the cost of a little Ikea trip on the way there.

As excited as I am about an Ikea shopping experience, we are looking at getting some pretty practical items… a chair, little dressers for the kids, etc. That is our max, but you can’t stop a girl from dreaming, right? Here is what I would buy if I had unlimited funds and a whole room to decorate. Well, two living rooms and a little guy’s room, anyway.

Let’s dream on…

Quirky Patterned Ikea Dream Living Room | Painting Sunny

Quirky Patterned Ikea Dream Living Room

Okay, granted this is a lot of pattern – but I love the contrast, and the way the reds and cooler tones play off of each other. Doesn’t that chair add structure?

Glamorous & Practical Ikea Dream Living Room | Painting Sunny

Glamorous & Practical Ikea Dream Living Room

As a family with children, I love anything that is still shiny and pretty and fabulous… and unbreakable with the ability to clean it easily. I like how the wood of the table and the plants in the print add a natural element to ground the glitter just a bit.

Bright and Cuddly Ikea Dream Children's Room | Painting Sunny

Bright and Cuddly Ikea Dream Children’s Room

I’ve done some moodboards of what I envision our daughter’s room looking like some day… but if I could drop some cold hard cash on our son’s room right now, all these things make the cut. Ikea is just so easy to mix and match. How sweet are those foxes?

Anyone else window shopping for affordable Swedish furniture? Buying fake vegetables for their kid? Wishing they actually played the lotto?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.


Art For The Kids: Hang It Up

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” It’s always nice to start off a Japanese proverb, right?

Well, judging by my Pinterest account, I may be a little heavy on the vision and have room for some more action. Remember when I put together some little moodboards on kid’s rooms inspiration, including some ideas for art you can make, and then some ideas for art you can buy with cold hard cash. There are also some really fresh, creative ideas for how you can display that art (or other pretty things you have lying around the house). Let’s check it out.

Moodboard, Art For The Kids: Hang It Up | Painting Sunny

Five ideas for cool, creative ways to dress up your kid’s room should cover almost any nursery or playroom’s walls. Unless you have like… a lot of kids. Then you may have to do a little more research. In any case, I love these ideas and am certain at least three of them will be make appearances in my own little tyke’s spaces.

  1. Better Homes and Gardens, framed book jackets: How adorable is this? Most importantly, it demonstrates a family’s love of books. If you don’t have bright colored book jackets lying around, I bet you can make a color copy of books you do have, or find some printables online. Just hit up your kid’s bookshelf for inspiration!
  2. jan eleni interiors, The Jan Eleni Collage: Okay, budget-wise this might be the most impractical idea (ordering one from Jan Eleni costs $950 for the 40 image version – the standard sizes also include 70 or 112 images). I think my piggy bank won’t quite allow for this, but I do love the cool, modern feeling and how it takes so many different works of art by your child and puts them together in harmony. If I ever win the lotto…
  3. Infarrantly Creative, Game Board Storage Art: This isn’t just a cute idea for art, it’s a sensible storage solution. So perfect for a game, media, or play room. Since most of the games haven’t changed a lot visually, it also fits great in a vintage-vibed nursery.
  4. Young House Love, postcard shelves: Yes, YHL does everything well. How sweet are these shelves, and the little images on them? There are so many ways to change this up, to fit what you have on hand and what is sentimental for your own little family. Building my own shelves used to scare me, but this would be so worth it.
  5. Shanty 2 Chic, color frame with clip: Don’t want to commit to just one piece of art? Not a problem! Change out your photos, kids artwork, even cool clippings from magazines. The kids themselves could get involved updating these with their newest creations.

Any other out-of-the-box art displays? What would you put up on a postcard shelf? Have $1k just lying around, and didn’t know what to do with it until now?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

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Art For The Kids: Buy It Up

I confessed last week to my tendency to DIY almost everything for the kids… which can be great and something to be proud of, but also sometimes the results are… less than ideal. My success rate is pretty good, but I’ve learned that sometimes it is worth it to put up the cash and get something professional, special, or that I just don’t have the right tools to make myself. Artwork can be one of those things. It is all so unique, you know? Who wants to only have your own artwork up everywhere? A bit egotistical, right?

For ideas on some awesome artwork to make for your kids, check out last’s week post. For a little moodboard of artwork you can acquire with cold, hard cash check out the collection below.

So, let’s spend some cash! YOLO!

I already regret writing YOLO. Please don’t leave.

Moodboard, Art For The Kids: Make It Up | Painting Sunny

Everything listed here is from shops at Etsy… which shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. I love Etsy, and think it is a great way to get unique things for affordable prices from artists. BTW, this post is in no way sponsored by Etsy or any of the artists and shops listed here. It’s just stuff I found online and liked how it looked.

  1. Andralynn Creative Design, Bunny Nursery Decor, $60: These original paintings are so sweet and whimsical, and the price isn’t bad for the actual painting. I love how gender-neutral yet kid-friendly it is.
  2. PaperRamma, Libra Zodiac Art Print, $20: This is a great way to create something personalized for a children’s room, especially if you have multiple kids born in different months. I like the idea of them having something unique and individual about themselves highlighted. Actually, this would be perfect for the hallway outside of a kids room… I may be adding both Libra and Sagittarius prints to my wish list.
  3. Portlands Pocket, Vintage Smokey the Bear Collectible Poster (price undetermined): When I went back to this today, it had already sold! Bad news… but I bet you could find something awesomely similar. I love the educational aspect to it, and I think something like it could be found for whatever your kid is currently obsessed with; dinosaurs, bugs, planets, and so on.
  4. LisaBarbero, We All Shine On Typographic Print, $20: This poster would be perfect for a celestial-themed nursery or children’s room, but could be a sweet addition anywhere. The price is right, too, for this type of print. Okay, this artist’s shop is addicting… with all of the super-trendy state-specific art out right now, these skylines are something fresh.
  5. Halfpence Design, Science Chemistry Periodic Table Poster, $34: Okay, this is my fav on the list. It is so colorful, modern, and totally sends a subconscious hint to your child to grow up to be a brain surgeon or something. I want this so bad. I could hang it in any room of the house.

Any other adorable kid room art I’m missing out on? Great sites other than Etsy? Anyone else willing to hang something nerdy in their kids room, even if it isn’t designed for kids? Might as well start teaching the Periodic Table early. I still haven’t learned it.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

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A Haven For Haven – Inspiration For Our Girl’s Room

I am about to embark on a major voyage… and one I hope won’t involve any battles. Yes, I am redecorating my six year old daughter’s room. Haven has spent years now devoted to Disney Princesses and hot pink. Not that those aren’t awesome, but they have just worn me down with their plasticy smiles and over-saturated hues. It is time for a change! Anyone with a kindergarten-aged daughter knows, however, that they are not necessarily easily convinced. Still, I’m trying to get her on board by giving her a chance to provide input… while still limiting it to things that don’t make me cringe.  To describe what I’m going for, the first words that come to mind for me are: Vintage, feminine, subtle details, calm, pretty,  colorful and not all  muted, clean, bright. I’d like to focus around vintage floral fabric designs. The overall effect should be whimsical but not cluttered. Wow, that was a lot of adjectives.

I’m working on an official mood board with my current specific thoughts… but I’m letting it slowly evolve while I gather some inspiration. I am right at the starting line: a general color scheme and a vague idea of the look I am going for. Thank you to my Pinterest obsession for helping me out on this one. All that pinning isn’t wasted time, right?

Let’s start with color. I love color… bright, neutral, bold, subtle… I love all of it. I noticed that, when thinking of Haven’s room, I was drawn to some colors by Benjamin Moore (the paint company). Clarification: this post is not sponsored by Benjamin Moore. They just happened to have a few colors that seemed most accurate to what I was picturing in my head.

Looking at vintage floral fabrics, there are a lot of nice color combinations. My daughter’s favorite color is pink, so I want to stick with it but maybe steer her towards corals and softer pinks. I would love a clean, bright green. To keep it from being girly-overload, a nice blue seems to pop up in a lot of vintage designs. Here are my choices:

OB-Haven's Room Paint Colors Numbered

  1. Coral Gables by Benjamin Moore (paint # 2010-40)
  2. Utah Sky by Benjamin Moore (paint # 2065-40)
  3. Spring Meadow Green by Benjamin Moore (paint # 2031-40)

I’d like these colors to be worked in together in harmony; combined in a quilt, banner, artwork… who knows how, but something cohesive. The grounding color should be a nice vintage white, to provide a clean base. Oh, now I’m getting excited…

There are a lot of gorgeous rooms out there, and I’ve stumbled over several that are so perfectly what I am picturing in my head. When looking for inspiration rooms, Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, and Modern Parents Messy Kids are all great places to start. I managed to narrow my inspiration pieces down to four… hard work I tell you. Even if I don’t come close to achieving these looks, part-way would be a big improvement over our current Disney, hot pink, miss-matched mess.

Indigo's Hyggelig Nook

Source: Apartment Therapy; Indigo’s Hyggelig Nook

cheery-country-girls-room ivillage

Source: iVillage, Home Organization Ideas: Color Combinations (#16)

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids via skona hem

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids via skona hem

Source: Jelanie Shop Blog

Source: Jelanie Shop Blog

Sigh… gorgeous, right? Funny how three of the four rooms have one of those trendy triangle banners… I guess I know one project I should start on. I actually already have the perfect fabric for it, too, courtesy of an awesome Etsy shop I ordered from. Who doesn’t love Etsy, right? I swear, half my earrings were less than $10 and ordered of Etsy. Okay, maybe 3/4 of them. Or almost all.

Here are a few Etsy shops that are totally my jam right now. The only one I have actually ordered from is SugarSweetSheets. It was a great experience; very sweet shop owner, quick service, they made me a great deal… Not only would I order from them again, I probably will soon. (Again, this post is not sponsored by anyone. Just my own wallet and thought process.)

Girl's Room Inspiration from Painting Sunny

  1. fruitflypie; Ceramics and embroider beyond adorable, it’s whimsical and pretty.
  2. DesignAtelierArticle; Vintage finds for any space, but this clock is a perfect hue.
  3. LauraFrisk; Quirky woodblock printed pillows, for something unique and woodsy.
  4. SugarSweetSheets; Floral, vintage fabrics that are affordable, practical, and lovely.
  5. CocktailZoo; Some of these are a little intense, but this bunny is straight out of a storybook.
  6. AddisonWonderland; Gorgeous decor items, including canopies. Could these photographs be any more gorgeous?
  7. oliverbludesigns; Lovely little banners that are a clean and bright design.

Although I make almost all of the decorations and artwork for the kids myself, Etsy is addictive with it’s gorgeous shops, and if I can’t or don’t feel up to making something myself, supporting an individual artist is always a great feeling.

Well, this is the tip of the iceberg for this room, but I feel inspired and ready to get started! Anyone else with a princess-loving kindergartner? Any advice on how to collaborate with them on design decisions? To be continued…