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#Swag For The Little Ones

I hope everyone had an awesomely relaxing and happy holiday weekend, at least for those in the States celebrating it! For that matter, I just hope everyone on the whole globe had an awesome weekend. World peace would be awesome, you know? Anyway, I’m taking a pause from my big blog transitioning week to actually post something. Yes, you heard read correctly – this is the week that this blog gets a makeover. She’ll be a whole new girl by the weekend, fingers crossed all goes well! So far, I’ve been using for free hosting which has been A.Maze.Ing, and it was super nice of them to let me basically sleep on their couch for free while I got this whole endeavor underway; but it is long overdue for me to go out on my own. It also means moving over to a whole new server and getting a bit of a new look, as well. Stay tuned!

If things get weird and glichy, I apologize in advance and totally appreciate your patience. Please cross your fingers for me. #technologyisscary

Aaaaanyway, let’s talk about some stuff. Like, literal stuff. The kind we buy for our kids. I’ve always been fascinated when I’ve read bloggers writing about their fav baby and kid items (like Bower Power and Young House Love), because it’s interesting how some items are to-die-for-could-never-live-without for one parent… and yet completely useless for another. I thought I would contribute to the convo, so without further ado, here are my fav baby and kid items of all time. BTW, this post is not sponsored at all… just my humble opinions.

For the Preschool+ Crowd

#Swag For The Little Ones, Fav Kid Gear | Painting Sunny

  1. Crayola My First Crayola Triangular Crayons (16 count), $4.05. These are cute, so much less likely to break, and I’ve successfully washed them off walls. A few times.
  2. Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets in a Box, $11.99. The best part about these is that the whole back of each magnet is coated, instead of having a little magnetic choking hazard glued to the back like the old-fashioned ones I grew up with. They have held up for over 2 years for us, and still adorn our fridge today.
  3. Munchkin Shampoo Rinser, $6.00. We just moved into a place with two bathtubs, and the kids are reveling in it. Just a few months ago I picked this up and it is worth way more than the 6 bucks I paid for it. It is genius with no parts or grooves to get mildewy and need cleaned, a soft edge that bends against your baby’s head to direct the water away from their eyes, and even comes in pretty colors. Swoon.
  4. Nubby Super Spout Easy Gripper (2 count), $7.11. We are just transiting out of these and into straight-up water bottles, but I couldn’t even tell you how many Nubbys we owned over the years. They were so easy to transition to after a bottle, and the price is right too.
  5. mabel label’s Basic Kit, $34.95. I am def adding a new pack to my shopping list for this year, since I’ve never tried the shoe or clothing labels and am convinced they will change my life. We have used the little labels on school supplies, lunch containers, sports equipment, and countless other things. Who knows how much money it has saved me in lost sippy cups and rain boots?
  6. EasyLunchboxes (Set of 4), $13.95. If you’ve been around Painting Sunny awhile, you know that I have quickly become devoted to these lunchboxes. They aren’t just a lunchbox, they are a lifestyle. Affordable, well-made and kid-friendly… join me on this bandwagon.
  7. SweetPea3 2 GB MP3 Player for Kids, $84.88. This was a holiday gift a few years ago from the Grandparents, and although the price is an investments I also can’t imagine traveling anywhere at length without one. The kids use it in the house or on road-trips, and it’s a great break from DVDs to keep them entertained. The sound quality is good, they can work it themselves, and I’m pretty convinced it’s indestructible.
  8. Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Figure Eight Train Set, $22.96. Of all the wooden train sets out there, this one has my seal of approval. It beats out almost any competitor in price, is compatible with other brands, and the track is reversible which is awesome. Gotta love M&D, am I right?
  9. My Big Sticker Book of Nursery Rhymes, $19.10. We have a variety of these (courtesy of the grandparents) and I see our son toting them around the house regularly. The stickers are easy to move, the book is really well made, and the book itself makes good reading.
  10. Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, $138.95. Our entire backseat is full of these right now. Literally. Both kids use them, with the 3.5 year old using it with the full harness still, and the almost-7 year old using the high-back booster option. It is seriously convertible, and the price is really appealing when you take a look at the car seat market. We’ve had one for 4 years now that is still holding up.

With my own being 3.5 and almost 7, this is definitely the stage we are in and loving it. I miss the cute little baby toes, but whole new worlds of toys, decorations, and adventures opens up with you hit that 3+.

Now, in reverse chronological order…

For the Baby & Infant Peeps

#Swag For The Little Ones, Fav Kid Gear | Painting Sunny

  1. Carter’s Fleece Baby Blanket, $29.95. Ours has duckies on it, and is one of the most valuable positions in this house. Blankie is a family member, and the couple times we thought he was lost I think I would have paid 1k to get him back. Our son still sleeps with his every night, it consoles him when he is sad or tired, and it was a major relief he began self-soothing pretty early on.
  2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, $99.00. This thing entertained two kids for us, and still was in almost-new shape when I re-sold it to a consignment shop for almost what I paid for it. It was hard to believe, but it was just well-made and both kids loved it in that stage where they want to be up looking around but need some support. No lie, it takes up some square footage of your living room… but if frees up your arms, so who can be made at that?
  3. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original, $71.99. Okay, we had the plain old black carrier, but if they had this pretty option when I was pregnant the first time I totally would have sprang for it. Of all the carriers I’ve tried out, this tride-and-true version worked best with our little ones who always seemed like little furnaces and hated being snuggled up too close for too long.
  4. Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer, $29.89. When our son was 2 we reached that point that the cheap little armpit thermometers were just not doing the trick… and when you think your kid has a fever, it isn’t a time you want to be frustrated trying to work something with tiny buttons. This was a great investment for our whole family.
  5. Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Diaper Bag, $139.95. Full disclosure, I did not have this actual backpack diaper-bag but I totally wish I did. We did go the back-pack style route with our diaper bag (which I can’t find online now) however, and were so glad we did. It kept our arms more free, saved us back-aches, and made organizing items much easier. Sigh – this one is so cute, someone please buy it so I can live vicariously…
  6. Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier (2 count), $3.20. Our son was in the NICU, so came back with some of these famous green Soothie pacifiers. They were the only binkies he would use, and I loved that they were affordable, easy to clean, and didn’t have parts that would break easily.
  7. Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, $3.82. I’d never lived in a home with a dishwasher until our son was born, and it was one of those moments when the sky opens up and you hear a church choir singing. This basket was ran through our dishwasher daily, and held an impressive amount.
  8. Panasonic Automatic 3 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker, $29.95. Yep, you’re thinking I added this to the wrong list aren’t you? Well, HA! It totally belongs. I made all of our baby food at home for the kids, and it was much more healthy and affordable than buying the little jars. It was also super easy, which I think a lot of people don’t realize. But what made it affordable was that I did not buy one of those fancy baby-food making systems. In my opinion, they basically just do the same thing as a steamer. I used this Panasonic rice cooker (it also steams veggies) for both kids, and still use it for rice cooking today.
  9. Bright Starts Lots of Links, $4.99. Who doesn’t end up with a million of these? They are great for carseats, strollers, those playmat things… We had them everywhere.
  10. Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller, $179.99. This is the piece de resistance. It has a built-in music player, can go on basically any terrain, it’s basket holds everything… It’s just amazing. I’ve owned a few strollers, but after we had this one I would never betray it. If my husband picked one favorite baby item, I’m pretty certain it would be this. Hold on, let me go ask him. Yep, he said the stroller.

Anyone else cook all their own baby food? Completely disagree with me about the fancy baby-food machines? Love your stroller so, so much you refuse to give it up? Want to label everything your kid owns?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Links to products on Amazon may be affiliate links. Keepin’ it real.


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Round-Up of Things I Think Are A Little Awesome on July 10, 2013.

Getting settled in a new town/job/home means having a little time to think/write/pin stuff in the evenings, but not a lot of resources to actually make stuff myself. Keeping with that theme this week, I thought I would just throw in the towel give in to the randomness of life. So here are some things I’ve discovered that I think are a little awesome right now. As of July 10, 2013 to be precise.

  1. The Best Local Shopping Award Goes To: Wegman’s. This is probably obvious to anyone who lives near one (we are in Ithaca NY). It is as fancy and pretty and healthy as a Whole Foods but with the prices of a Kroger.  I may try to move in there. What’s funny is, they would probably be totally cool about it and not call the cops and would give me free samples of sushi, because they are awesome like that.
  2. Apple TV is delicious. When we relocated, we made the decision to not sign up for a big dish or cable package, and instead to try out Apple TV combined with a local cable package that comes with our internet contract. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but so far it has been great. We watch HULU to catch up on shows, Netflix for movies (both have great kid selections, and the kid stuff has no commercials it seems) and a lot of channels have their own shows free online anyway so we can airstream those. Amazon Prime and other things like that can be airstreamed too. I feel like we are part of the future of television.
  3. Finding new blogs to obsess over follow is always just the best, isn’t it? They aren’t new but they are new to me, right? If you haven’t found them yet, I highly recommend Vintage Revivals (every post is like a pot of gold) and The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking (my Pinterest Board is like an ode to her right now). Check them out!
  4. What has been my lifeline during this move? The thing that kept me happy, distracted from the boxes, and totally engaged? Yep, that would be Downton Abbey. I’m finishing the 3rd season right now and totally get what all the fuss is about. Seriously, if we ever move again I’m picking a show to become addicted to – it has totally helped.
  5. Some Cool New Pins. Check out these awesome and totally inspiring kick-ass new pins! Doesn’t that lamp just make you want to carry it around with you everywhere you go? and is that the most beautiful salad you’ve ever seen… and you want to carry it around with you everywhere you go?

    Source: Recently

  6. The next Outlander book is coming out at the same time as the series gets picked up by Starz! I now totally get it when people say their mind has been blown. Diana Gabaldon is an amazing writer and despite the hefty weight of each of her books (they are not easy to tote around with you on errands, each one is like a brick) I can’t stop re-reading them. It’s like once a year I suddenly have to go meet those characters again. Call me a nerd, I totally own it this time.

Anyone else super excited about a new series installment coming out? Watch Starz ever? Know how to watch it without a cable package? Just now watching Downton and obsessing over it?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Links to products on Amazon may be affiliate links. Keepin’ it real.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominations (My First Time Nominating Peeps)

Thank you to Anjana from At The Corner Of Happy & Harried for the very nice nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Wow, that felt like a run-on sentence. Because it was one. I’ve definitely read Anjana’s posts before – they are so sweet and her photos are always so bright and cheerful. Check out this sweet paper rose wreath she posted about! It has such a vintage feel, I love it.


I’ve never participated in nominations for this type of award before, so thought I would join the bandwagon!

For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, here are the rules:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. (check!)
  2. Post the award image to your page. (see above!)
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself. 
  • I work full-time as a college administrator (and start at a new college on Monday!)
  • As of this week, I’ve lived in states that touch 3 sides of the USA mainland (north in Wisconsin, west in Oregon, east in New York.) Not sure I will make it to the Gulf Coast, though…
  • My cat is allergic to gluten and probably a bizillion other things. She eats expensive special food.
  • I add cayenne pepper to an insubordinate amount of food items. With every sprinkle I feel a little closer to my Cajun ancestry.
  • I know how to make some origami and balloon animals, and it isn’t as useful as one would think. Most likely nobody actually thought that.
  • I’m originally from Illinois but not Chicago.
  • My glasses are a serious prescription on one side and totally just glass on the other. When I wear contacts, I only wear one. If the monocle makes a comeback, someone let me know asap!

    4. Nominate 15 other blogs and inform them about it.

Thanks to all of my fav bloggers for the ongoing awesome content!


DIY Ceramic Animal Hall of Fame

Okay, this post is random and yet feels necessary. And okay, a bunch of them are not at all ceramic-looking and are gold or brass… that is just the current DIY climate. Hater’s gonna hate, but sometimes when there is a bandwagon you just have to jump on it. That sounded more confusing than I thought it would.

I present to you, The World Wide Web’s Best Ceramacized Animals.

I feel pretty confident that is a word.

DIY Ceramic Animal Hall of Fame | Painting Sunny

Can you believe it isn’t all owls? I’m just as shocked. But seriously, the fat little owl is probably my favorite.

1. DIY Animal Bookend by Natalme. Seriously, that is one cute hippo and the blue is so vibrant. My little boy would love one in his room, for suresies.

2. Do a Deer by Bower Power. How could this not be included, this deer is just so damn regal. Her Sexy Rexy post should get an honorable mention, as well.

3. Horse Squared by Young House Love. Obviously, YHL gets mentioned as they are my fav blog to obsess over follow. Still, these horse heads are unique in their bright color and more abstract design. I would love to stumble upon something like the before at my local thrift store! (No idea why that rhymed strangely.)

4. A Happier Ceramic Owl by A Swell Place to Dwell. This owl is bad ass now. I love the pink, too – my dream is to find some ceramic animals to spray paint, and for them to end up hot pink or coral or somewhere in between, so this one I was especially drawn too.

5. Spray-painted cockatoo by On My Honor. Honestly, I just never expected to see a spray-painted cockatoo. This one takes the prize for originality, and also for props in the picture. I love it.

6. Ceramic Owl Makeover by Teal and Lime. Yes, this one is my favorite. It looks so much like something from West Elm or Pottery Barn, I had to read the post twice. This owl has so much personality! I thought the owl craze might be about over, but this one should kick-start it again.

7. DIY Gold Elephant by The Eclectic Owl. Okay, this might be the most pinned thing in the universe it is so cool! Just wait until I get my hands on a plastic elephant. That sounded more violent than I meant. Anyway, I also love her very random collection of books put together and the fact that I believe I have read all of them at some point.

8. Updating X-Mas Decorations by Beautiful Haven. I first saw this on Better After, and while it is possibly the most random addition to this list (even more so than the cockatoo, since I’m pretty sure an elf isn’t an animal) I love how it turned out. And yes, I love that this blog is named Beautiful Haven since my own little daughter is named Haven and she is certainly beautiful. It is a cool elf, in any case. #I’mNotBiased

9. DIY Dollarstore White Lion Bookends by Sweet Suite Ten. I love projects that originate at the Dollar Store, and this is one of the best turnouts I’ve seen! They are just so perfectly spray-painted… Michelle, please come over to my house and help me with my technique?

10. Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Ceramics by First Lady of the House. I hope she runs across a bunny at some point, I would love to see how it turns out! These would be sweet in a nursery any time of year, not just at Easter. I love that duck that is lunging forward!

11. DIY Brass Figurines by Hi Sugar Plum. These are so cool, and I love how differently they each looked before! It’s like your own fancy  little zoo. On a random note, that lamp next to the giraffe is so gorgeous… I can’t stop staring.

Anyone else hanging desperately on to this ceramic animal trend? Scouring a thrift shop for a rabbit or giraffe, or just open to whatever animal may find you? Is this a random enough post? It’s a little obvious what I’ve been pinning, huh?

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Pretty Pretty Patio Things

Spring is in the air! Okay, I’m a little belated… it’s totally 87 degrees out and BBQ season has hit full-on swing. As we are in the midst of relocating and will be a little bit “between houses” this June, I’m relying on good old online-window-shopping to satisfy my patio cravings. Let’s just cut to the chase, right?Pretty Patio Moodboard, Summer 2013 | Painting SunnyFrom Top Left, Moving Clockwise…

    1.  Ikea, SKYN Serving bowl, white for $9.00
    2. West Elm, Bend Dining Chair for $249.00 – $498.00 (on sale $119.99 – $239.99)
    3. World Market, Aqua Bird Ceramic Drink Dispenser for $29.99
    4. World Market, Multi Stripe Chevron Tray for $16.99
    5. World Market, Chains Indoor-Outdoor Rug, Black/Neutral for $49.99 – $699.99
    6. West Elm, Mosaic Tiled Bistro Table – Aqua Glass for $399.00 (on sale $319.00)
    7. World Market, Wild Stix Sidewalk Chalk, 4-Piece for $2.49
    8. World Market, Aqua Rectangular 2-Tier Tiffin for $9.99
    9. Ikea, BÄRBAR Tray, dotted, multicolor for $5.99
    10. West Elm, Martini Side Table – Silver for $149.00
    11. West Elm, Porcelain Hurricanes – Floral for $29.00 – $49.00

Who could resist that oh-so-bright-and-fresh chevron tray from World Market? I think it is also safe to say that aqua is still a hot summer color. Browsing around, it seems like a vintage vibe is in the air for this season, along with some mid-century modern design elements. I’m throwing around these terms with more confidence than I probably should.
Anyone else charmed by striped sidewalk chalk? Mixing their aqua’s and sunny yellow’s? Laying more patterns than is probably advisable? I’m off for more packing fun!
PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

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We Can Work It Out: Playlist additions, affordable exercise tools, and so forth

I once interviewed someone for a job, over the phone (see, things are already awkward) who ended every single sentence with “… and so forth”. It was odd and distracting, but did make it sound like he had a lot more to talk about and we just didn’t have the time to explore it in-depth. I’ve kind of liked saying it ever sense.

Anyway, remember that time I put my pride aside and listed the 25 workout jams on my playlist? Even the border-line embarrassing ones? Hey, it’s all about the BPM (beats per minute that is)(… and so forth). Well, I thought it was about time to add a few more I’ve been hitting the pavement to, and then ramble about some of my other favorite fitness gear. I’m certainly no expert… and not exactly a hard-body… but I do like to get my workouts in.

Workout Playlist Updates, Recommended Tools, and So Forth | Painting Sunny

Let’s Hit The Pavement Playlist Additions

I Love It by Icona Pop

Wings by Little Mix

Get Lucky by Daft Punk

I Like It by Enrique Iglesias

… and my hubs would like to add the following, from his playlist:

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

Love Generation by Bob Sinclar

Proud by Heather Small

And We Danced by Macklemore

My Favorite Fitness Tools and Tips

As a Mom who works outside the home, it can be a little tricky to get workout time in. Sometimes gadgets are just silly or expensive, but sometimes they can shave just enough minutes off the process to mean getting that extra workout it. Or, make it interesting enough to get me out there and active. Here are a few of my favorites, with budget in mind:

Your Local Park (Probably Totally Free To Use)

A few weeks ago I had both kids home with me, and wanted to fit in a workout while it was still light out. I remembered reading in a magazine about this woman who traveled and worked out at parks, including doing jumps and lunches on park benches. I totally went for it; while the kids were on the slides, I was jogging laps around the playground area and jumping on those benches like there was no tomorrow. I later found this article from Fitness Magazine, which helps you take full advantage of free outdoor facilities.

Food Journaling (Just The Cost Of A Pen And Paper)

I’ve heard this is the most effective tool for weight loss. For me, this is totally true. I’m not currently keeping a food journal, but I certainly have and there are lots of effective ways to do it. Grab a notebook and a pen (I like a small one that fits in my handbag) and you’re set. Want to get fancier? Research various apps and other tools to take it electronic. Personally, I’ve always preferred the old-fashioned hand-written way. Check out this site and others for more recommendations.

Online & Electronic Resources

Real Simple’s Fitness Charts (Free With Internet Access)

Have a break from work and want to get in a quick workout? I like to check out of one these Real Simple Magazine Exercise Charts. Their instructions are good, they have a lot of them specific to particular areas you want to work out, and they add more all the time. Check it out!

Nike+ (If You Have a Smartphone, Free)

I do use an iPhone when I run, and I love Nike’s Running App. My husband introduced me to it, and I originally used an insert in a pair of Nike shoes I had to connect to my iPod before I had an iPhone. Now, I just use the GPS function in the app. It works well, sync’s great with my music and had never let me down. I use it every time I run, and even compete against friends via Facebook through this app.

Map My Run (Free Alternative to Nike+ or Others, If You Have Internet Access)

You don’t need a Smartphone or an app to have a great run. My husband used to use Map My Run’s website all the time to plan out runs ahead of time. You can factor in time and distance, and try out some new scenic routes – I highly recommend. They do, for the record, have an app that is good too.

Calorie King (Free With Internet Access)

While they also have an app, I used to use their website daily to check on calorie counts. Counting calories isn’t for everyone, but food journal writing can be a great tool and this can help, if counting up calories is part of your process. Calorie King is the most comprehensive resource I’ve found for the foods I happen to eat, and it is pretty user-friendly too.

Spark People (Free With Internet Access)

I haven’t used it much personally, but have always heard great things about SparkPeople.Com and the support it provides.

Workout Gear (Varies Costs)

For the record, my favorite running shoes are by Saucony. I have wide feet, high arches, and like pretty pinks and purples so they always fit the bill. Sometimes I try others, but I always end up coming back. This is totally not sponsored; just what I honestly like and use and can find on a really good sale in my area. I pay $60-100 for my shoes, so not cheap at all, but there are more affordable styles.

I use a Belkin armband like this one to hold my iPhone when I run, and like it… but it is a little large for me. However, it is adjustable and comfortable and cheaper than some of the alternatives. I believe we paid about $30 for mine, which isn’t cheap – but it has lasted me through 2 years and many, many workouts so far, so I can’t help recommending it.

If all else fails, try out a Mindy Kaling style Revenge Fantasy.

Any other new workout jams I should know about? Awesome websites? Food journalers out there? Happy fitness, everyone!

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Links to products on Amazon may be affiliate links. Keepin’ it real.

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A Little Light Summer Reading List (For A Former Kindergartner)

We are getting ready for summer around here!

Planning for a move in early summer means no making big vacation plans or promises to the kids of specific activities like play dates or swim lessons. All is not lost, though! We can totally plan some books to read.

Haven is graduating from Kindergarten next month (I don’t remember graduating elementary school levels when I was a kid…) and is an avid reader. Since she learned to read, the independence has made it her very favorite thing to do. We try to embrace it, and we really want her to excel even further over the summer. So, this summer we are doing a Kindergarten version of a Summer Reading Challenge! Let’s get our book on!

Summer Reading Challenge, Kindergarten Version! | Painting Sunny

Here is what we’re planning to read, so far. Keep in mind, this is in addition to the many little books we normally read before bed or on the weekends, that are quick easy reads. This challenge is focused on some chapter books and series, which I’m hoping will keep our interest up and challenge the girl’s vocabulary. Our initial list is below, sorted by “Reading Together Time” books which would mean a grown-up reading them aloud (she isn’t quite up to reading those on her own, yet) and “Independent Reading Time” books that she could read through a chapter by herself, or with just a little help on tough spots. Her grandmother is an expert in these things (2nd grade teacher and literacy advocate) so some suggestions came from there… and probably so will some copies of the books.

Reading Together Time

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (at least the first book)

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket (I already own all the books, so we will go for the whole series since they are short)

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder (at least the first book)

Independent Reading Time

Junie B. Jones Series by Barbara Park and Denise Brunkus (some of the series)

Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne (some of the series)

Cam Jansen Series by David A. Adler (some of the series)

The Boxcar Children Series by Gertrude Chandler Warner (some of the series)

I’ve never actually read any Harry Potter myself, so that will be new to me! I’ve been warned to stick with the first couple books and see how things go, as it gets a little scarier and advanced for a kid as the storyline moves along. I’m very excited to read with her some of my own childhood favorites, such as Little House on the Prairie and anything by Frances Hodgson Burnett!

Haven’s kindergarten teacher also recommends reading the same simple and quick books over and over, so we will do that too. I’ll have her pick a few favorites beforehand, and will make sure they are out in a prominent place so she is likely to pick them up regularly.

Grandma June also suggested the online system MobyMax, as a tool to keep her learning over the summer and prepping for next year – Haven loves doing those sort of activities which are “games” to her, so I think that will be a great option too!

Any suggestions for rewards/incentives as we finish books? Would rewarding books with more books be too obsessive? Any other books you all can recommend my adding to the lists? Does Harry Potter get scary?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Links to products on Amazon may be affiliate links. Keepin’ it real.