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Round-Up of Things I Think Are A Little Awesome on July 10, 2013.

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Getting settled in a new town/job/home means having a little time to think/write/pin stuff in the evenings, but not a lot of resources to actually make stuff myself. Keeping with that theme this week, I thought I would just throw in the towel give in to the randomness of life. So here are some things I’ve discovered that I think are a little awesome right now. As of July 10, 2013 to be precise.

  1. The Best Local Shopping Award Goes To: Wegman’s. This is probably obvious to anyone who lives near one (we are in Ithaca NY). It is as fancy and pretty and healthy as a Whole Foods but with the prices of a Kroger.  I may try to move in there. What’s funny is, they would probably be totally cool about it and not call the cops and would give me free samples of sushi, because they are awesome like that.
  2. Apple TV is delicious. When we relocated, we made the decision to not sign up for a big dish or cable package, and instead to try out Apple TV combined with a local cable package that comes with our internet contract. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but so far it has been great. We watch HULU to catch up on shows, Netflix for movies (both have great kid selections, and the kid stuff has no commercials it seems) and a lot of channels have their own shows free online anyway so we can airstream those. Amazon Prime and other things like that can be airstreamed too. I feel like we are part of the future of television.
  3. Finding new blogs to obsess over follow is always just the best, isn’t it? They aren’t new but they are new to me, right? If you haven’t found them yet, I highly recommend Vintage Revivals (every post is like a pot of gold) and The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking (my Pinterest Board is like an ode to her right now). Check them out!
  4. What has been my lifeline during this move? The thing that kept me happy, distracted from the boxes, and totally engaged? Yep, that would be Downton Abbey. I’m finishing the 3rd season right now and totally get what all the fuss is about. Seriously, if we ever move again I’m picking a show to become addicted to – it has totally helped.
  5. Some Cool New Pins. Check out these awesome and totally inspiring kick-ass new pins! Doesn’t that lamp just make you want to carry it around with you everywhere you go? and is that the most beautiful salad you’ve ever seen… and you want to carry it around with you everywhere you go?

    Source: Recently

  6. The next Outlander book is coming out at the same time as the series gets picked up by Starz! I now totally get it when people say their mind has been blown. Diana Gabaldon is an amazing writer and despite the hefty weight of each of her books (they are not easy to tote around with you on errands, each one is like a brick) I can’t stop re-reading them. It’s like once a year I suddenly have to go meet those characters again. Call me a nerd, I totally own it this time.

Anyone else super excited about a new series installment coming out? Watch Starz ever? Know how to watch it without a cable package? Just now watching Downton and obsessing over it?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Links to products on Amazon may be affiliate links. Keepin’ it real.

Author: Dani @ Painting Sunny

Hi there! I'm Dani, and it's lovely to meet you. My little family just moved to the quaint little college-town of Ithaca, NY and are loving it. Come hang out with me and talk about food, books, art, and other odd little things.

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