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A Birthday Amidst The Move (Pretty Cake Pinspiration, too!)

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Well, things have been… a bit crazy this week. I’ve started my new position full-time and it is awesome but I’m also learning a lot! The kids are transitioning into their new school/camp/etc. and start full-time next week, and my parents just got into town this past weekend to visit so we are happy but busy fo-sho.

On a related note, my Mama arrived on Sunday after they spent two days on the road driving and it was on her birthday! It’s always fun to get to see someone you love on their birthday (when you don’t normally live near them) and I’ve made my own little tradition of baking a home-made cake whenever we are in the same local on her big day. This year I went for a chocolate cake just like the Hershey’s version I made and posted about before and decorated it in a new way (at least new to me).

Chocolate Cake Decorated, Birthday Fun! | Painting SunnyAfter being inspired by this pin which links back to this original inspiration source. I had to try this simple but pretty method of creating lovely little flowers from raspberries and almond slivers. Affordable, yummy, and quick – It comes with my highest recommendations!Chocolate Cake Decorated, Birthday Fun! | Painting SunnyYum.

Chocolate Cake Decorated, Birthday Fun! | Painting Sunny

Speaking of things that are sweet, this is my favorite picture of my mother and I (obviously when I was a child). Awww… :)

Mom's Birthday | Painting Sunny

Well, off to spend some time with family and prepare for another big day tomorrow!

Anyone else baking for a special birthday? Starting a new job? Sticking raspberries all over everything?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.


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Hi there! I'm Dani, and it's lovely to meet you. My little family just moved to the quaint little college-town of Ithaca, NY and are loving it. Come hang out with me and talk about food, books, art, and other odd little things.

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