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Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids

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We may be 6 months away from Thanksgiving, but we have an awful lot to be thankful for. As we prepare to leave B-Town, we are grateful for the amazing teachers our children have had, the awesome friends who are sending us off with warm wishes, and the babysitter our children absolutely adore. Excuse me, I may be getting a little weepy.

For the past year, whenever we have had a special person we want to tell thanks, congrats, or just to share our love we have defaulted to letting the kids do it for us. There is something about a colorful messy message coming directly from some tots that ups the aww factor. It also distracts the children from crunching up goldfish crackers in an even layer on top of the coffee table.

Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids | Painting Sunny

This evening, we put a few DIY cards together to say some last thank yous and goodbyes! We have actually been making a couple cards for people each week, so at this point it has been become an SOP for the kids.

Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids | Painting Sunny

For tonight’s cards, I started out with two medium-sized pieces of poster board (can buy in a pack from a craft store for a few dollars). Grabbed two sheets and folded them lengthwise, then cut three cards out to make some large and square-ish shaped folded blank cards.

The advantage to the poster board is that it is affordable, large, and sturdy enough to  keep the card from being floppy. The disadvantage is that one side is shinier and slicker than the other, so be sure to let any paint or markers dry completely before handling. Ours got a little smeary, but I don’t mind it adding to the imperfectly-perfect-made-by-kids affect.

A Criminal Minds marathon was nice enough to record itself on the DVR, so last night I sat down in front of the telly and prepped the cards so they would be ready for a post-school activity today. I just grabbed a permanent marker and wrote a message on the front of each card at an angle (to add some visual interest) and a little note on the inside as well. Some of the cards were getting gift-cards taped inside, so I held a gift-card against the poster board in a nice spot and sketched a little design around it.

Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids | Painting Sunny

The kids did all the hard work, of course. I left out the cards and an assortment of washable crayons and markers and let the kids go to town. I try not to be a control freak when they are coloring these and just let them do their thing… with the exception of checking to ensure each card is getting bright colors added on each side. It’s called Quality Control, people… no judging.

I love the Crayola “My First” collection of art supplies. This isn’t a sponsored post… they are just good quality crayons and markers that are easy for the kids to hold, wash off almost anything, and the tips don’t snap off the first time you use them. Somehow the triangular crayons are just cuter.

Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids | Painting Sunny

They both have a great time, and each contribute to the cards mostly without fighting about it. I always think they will boss each other around on what to draw or get mad if they scribble over the other one’s artwork, but so far the only point of contention is sharing the purple and red markers.

Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids | Painting Sunny

This probably kept them occupied about 10 minutes. 10 precious, precious minutes.

Upping the Aww Factor: Colorful Cards From Kids | Painting Sunny

After the marker had a chance to dry, I just rolled up a piece of tape and stuck a gift card inside of each assigned spot. For those of you who haven’t lived in the Bloomington, IN area, Scholars Inn Bakehouse is a local coffee joint/cafe that has delicious desserts, breakfasts, and honestly really good coffee. I will miss it so much, it’s nice to know that someone else will be enjoying the local treats!

Anyone else using their children to handle their correspondence? Enchanted with those triangular crayons? Missing a local coffee shop from a past hometown? I’m looking forward to finding some new haunts in New York!

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

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