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Before the Blog – Pinterest Inspired Projects, Part III


… and now, I am happy to introduce the final chapter of this three-part series. Just like Twilight’s Breaking Dawn or The Hunger Games’ Mockingjay, I know this ending was heavily anticipated. Just agree and let me boost my ego, please.

As I shared here and then here, I put together a list of projects I had completed pre-blog and pre-good-camera and it was so unwieldy I had to break it into three different posts to share with ya’ll.

These are all things directly from my Pinterest boards – please come visit me there, where you will see my own versions and the original inspiration for projects like these, and more. Let’s explore, shall we?

Project #11: Tea Clothespin Wreath

DIY Tea Clothespin Wreath | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the tea! tea! tea! kitchen wreath over at KOJODESIGNS.

This is just a little bit kitschy and a little bit practical; a combination I can totally get behind. I handled the clothespin portion of the project much like the original tutorial I linked to, but for the base of it I used a metal wreath purchased from Hobby Lobby for $3 (I believe on sale). The clothespins were $1 from the Dollar Tree, and I already had the paint and scrapbook paper so this was a $4 or so project for me, total. It’s hanging up in the kitchen being all kitschy.

Project #12: Sewn Office Planner Cover

DIY Sewn Office Planner Cover | Painting Sunny

DIY Sewn Office Planner Cover | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Journal Cover Tutorial over at Bloom.

Like a lot of obsessive organized people, I have a favorite planner that I used to keep track of my to-do list. I actually don’t use a calendar one, as I like to use Outlook and schedule things electronically, but despite having an iPhone and iPad, I just haven’t switched my work lists or brainstorming over to digital. I wanted something cute and that fit very well as a cover for my otherwise very ugly planner.

Naturally, I decided to sew one myself. I’m so glad I did! My planner is cute, but it was also my first project using interfacing and was a really great introduction to it. (I’ve since sewn a t-shirt quilt).

Project #13: Sewn Lavender Sachets

Sewn Lavender Sachets | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Lavender Sachets over at the Purl Bee.

When I pinned this from the Purl Bee, I did not actually think I would end of making them. I just couldn’t picture buying that much dried lavender, honestly. Who pictures themselves buying pounds of dried lavender? Not this girl. Then, one day at our local farmer’s market I stumbled upon a stand selling dried lavender and the realization I could mix it with much, much cheaper rice to make it a little less costly.

These are great – so easy to sew up, it is a fun quick project and leaves you with a great smelling closet. Yum.

Project #14: Spray-Painted Big Metal Letters

Spray-Painted Big Metal Letters | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Anthro-inspired Zinc Letters over at Lolly Jane.

Okay, okay – I know. Everyone under the sun has made these. Wait, that is a seriously weird expression. Who is not under the sun? Or do they mean the half of the earth that the sun is shining on at any point? That is how the sun’s rotation works, right? Ugh, now I have a headache.

Anyway, this could not be easier. Just grab one of those cardboard letters at a craft store (pay for it before leaving, though), and spray it on down with metallic spray paint. Personally, I used the silver leaf spraypaint by Krylon and it worked great but was the worst smelling spray paint ever. A year later, I’m pretty sure it made my asthma worse. So maybe try out some different paints… but the project is worth doing, even if it is a little… well… trendy.

Doesn’t it look heavy? It feels weird picking it up.

Project #15: Children’s Nightgown, No Pattern Sewing

Children's Nightgown, No Pattern Sewing | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Little Girls Summer Nightgown over at Our 3 Sons Plus 1.

This is a great way to whip up some quick nightgowns for a little girl, and a fun project to share on a rainy day. H picked out her own fabrics at the store, and unsurprisingly went for anything pink and eye-searingly over the top in pattern. The original tutorial linked to is so useful, and actually easy to use as a base to make changes from.

Since it was Fall when I made these, I used a warmer flannel material and to make sure it was cut in a shape and size that fit her, I used a dress that she already had and loved to determine the shape by laying it on top of the fabric before I drew out the shape and cut it. I sewed four nightgowns in total, and made the sleeves a little different on each, just to experiment. 1.5 years later, she is still wearing them but they are just starting to look a tiny bit worn.

Project #16: Color-block Metallic Picture Frames

Color-block Metallic Picture Frames | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the DIY Brass Frames over at A Thoughtful Place.

When I moved into my current office at work, I wanted to spruce up the frames for the family photos in my office. After running across the tutorial linked above, I loved the idea of brass-looking frame corners and thought I could probably do a spin-off to get the look. I used antique gold colored spray-paint by taping off the rest of the frames besides the corners before painting it. Then, I went a little crazy and did some “color block” versions like the one to the left, in the photo above. I actually made about 8 of these, but it was hard to get good pics in my messy busy office.

BTW, that picture of the Hubs holding our son as a baby is my absolute favorite. I smile every time I see it. Adorbs.

Well, that’s it for this set. Will there be more? Who knows what I will uncover as we clean and pack to move. I’ll be sure to share if I do! Anyone else love a good kitschy clothespin wreath? Wish I would stop saying the word kitschy? Tricking friends by asking them to pick up fake metal objects?

Please come hang out with me on Pinterest, too. I spend way too much time over there…

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.


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  1. This is so adorable! You have such a crafty knack!

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