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Ithaca is Gorges, I’ve Heard… Announcing A New Adventure!

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Well, this has been quite a week! 3 out of 4 family members sick with a bad cold, a phone interview mid-week, a lot of work-related outings and dinners and so on… sheesh. No wonder I feel tired…. and skipped posting on Wednesday. I was afraid of what I would say, posting while under the influence of cold meds. I’m sure everyone is thankful they missed out on that experience.

Today’s post is also a little unusual. Instead of a recipe, DIY project, or book review I have an announcement!

Please just humor me, I promise to get back to business on Monday.

Moving to Ithaca

We are moving to Ithaca! New York, that is.

We are excited to begin planning our move, which will happen in early June. My husband has accepted a position with Cornell University and is having a great time getting to know Cornell community members. I’m excited to explore our new town with the kids! I’ve heard great things about the town, the colleges, and the outdoor recreation opportunities. The winters may be a little challenging, but I’m hoping to adjust quickly. Eh – I’m cold all the time anyway, so why not just go with it.

We will miss Bloomington and Indiana University (where we both currently work) so much, but we are glad to have memories of all of our great years and friends here. Anyone who hasn’t visited Bloomington, I highly recommend it! It is, truly, the quintessential college town. Sorry, Madison, WI – you’re cool too.

So, the next two months I will spend soaking up as much of Bloomington as possible and getting ready to move as a family… two kids and cat and all.

Anyone else relocating their family this summer? From Ithaca and want to give me some tips? Traveling with a cat? That might be one of the things I’m most nervous about…

Author: Dani @ Painting Sunny

Hi there! I'm Dani, and it's lovely to meet you. My little family just moved to the quaint little college-town of Ithaca, NY and are loving it. Come hang out with me and talk about food, books, art, and other odd little things.

One thought on “Ithaca is Gorges, I’ve Heard… Announcing A New Adventure!

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    Ready for a new adventure in the world of Student Affairs as we are preparing to go East. Ithaca, New York and Cornell University, here comes the Perkins’ Family.

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