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Art For The Kids: Buy It Up

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I confessed last week to my tendency to DIY almost everything for the kids… which can be great and something to be proud of, but also sometimes the results are… less than ideal. My success rate is pretty good, but I’ve learned that sometimes it is worth it to put up the cash and get something professional, special, or that I just don’t have the right tools to make myself. Artwork can be one of those things. It is all so unique, you know? Who wants to only have your own artwork up everywhere? A bit egotistical, right?

For ideas on some awesome artwork to make for your kids, check out last’s week post. For a little moodboard of artwork you can acquire with cold, hard cash check out the collection below.

So, let’s spend some cash! YOLO!

I already regret writing YOLO. Please don’t leave.

Moodboard, Art For The Kids: Make It Up | Painting Sunny

Everything listed here is from shops at Etsy… which shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. I love Etsy, and think it is a great way to get unique things for affordable prices from artists. BTW, this post is in no way sponsored by Etsy or any of the artists and shops listed here. It’s just stuff I found online and liked how it looked.

  1. Andralynn Creative Design, Bunny Nursery Decor, $60: These original paintings are so sweet and whimsical, and the price isn’t bad for the actual painting. I love how gender-neutral yet kid-friendly it is.
  2. PaperRamma, Libra Zodiac Art Print, $20: This is a great way to create something personalized for a children’s room, especially if you have multiple kids born in different months. I like the idea of them having something unique and individual about themselves highlighted. Actually, this would be perfect for the hallway outside of a kids room… I may be adding both Libra and Sagittarius prints to my wish list.
  3. Portlands Pocket, Vintage Smokey the Bear Collectible Poster (price undetermined): When I went back to this today, it had already sold! Bad news… but I bet you could find something awesomely similar. I love the educational aspect to it, and I think something like it could be found for whatever your kid is currently obsessed with; dinosaurs, bugs, planets, and so on.
  4. LisaBarbero, We All Shine On Typographic Print, $20: This poster would be perfect for a celestial-themed nursery or children’s room, but could be a sweet addition anywhere. The price is right, too, for this type of print. Okay, this artist’s shop is addicting… with all of the super-trendy state-specific art out right now, these skylines are something fresh.
  5. Halfpence Design, Science Chemistry Periodic Table Poster, $34: Okay, this is my fav on the list. It is so colorful, modern, and totally sends a subconscious hint to your child to grow up to be a brain surgeon or something. I want this so bad. I could hang it in any room of the house.

Any other adorable kid room art I’m missing out on? Great sites other than Etsy? Anyone else willing to hang something nerdy in their kids room, even if it isn’t designed for kids? Might as well start teaching the Periodic Table early. I still haven’t learned it.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.


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