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Before the Blog – Pinterest Inspired Projects, Part II


Well, I am finally getting back into the swing of things after getting back from Florida. I believe the amount of days it takes to readjust after a trip is multiplied by three for every child you have. Which means I still have a good excuse for at least another week… or something like that. I’m bad at math.

Last week I put together a little list of projects I had completed pre-blog and pre-good-camera, and shared pictures of the finished product as it stands today along with a link to the inspiration. These are all things directly from my Pinterest boards, as well. Well, I discovered I couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a DIY project in our house, so had to break these projects down into a few posts.

By the way, where in the world did that expression come from? It is horrible yet somehow really gets the point across. I promise, no animals were harmed in the making of these projects. Not counting Paloma getting just a tiny bit of Gesso in her fur. She’s used to it.

Project #6: Sponge-Stamped Painting from Latex Wall Paint

Sponge-Stamped Painting from Latex Wall Paint | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the DIY Latex Paint Wall Art over at Young House Love.

This was a zero-dollar project for me, and helped to tie the room together and provide something visual in an otherwise empty corner of our master bedroom. You have seen it before, hanging above a desk in this post, which can give you a little more sense of scale. I used a frame I already had in storage, and cut a regular kitchen sponge into the arrow-shape you see above. I used both the same latex wall paint you see on the wall behind the painting, but combined it with other acrylic paints I had on hand, in shades of purple and just a smidgen of blue. The painting is in good-quality Canson paper, which I usually have a stack of on hand. I left one area of the pattern blank to just be weird add interest.

Project #7: Recycled Magazine Sunburst Mirror

Recycled Magazine Sunburst Mirror | Painting Sunny

Recycled Magazine Sunburst Mirror | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Recycled Magazine Sunburst Mirror over at Green Your Decor.

This is a favorite of mine, as it has a huge impact on the space it is in. From the pictures it may not look like it, but this is actually pretty large in size by the time it is completed. I suspected after I made it that it wouldn’t last long, but it has been almost a year and so far not a single piece has fallen off. This was so cheap to do. I obtained some bright-colored glossy magazines from my bestie Laura, a mirror for a couple bucks from Hobby Lobby, and broke out my glue-gun and a piece of scrap foam board.

Basically, I just cut a circle of foam board a couple inches wider than the diameter of the mirror, and glued the mirror to the foam board. Then, I painstakingly rolled magazine pages in colors I liked, and taped them together with clear scotch tape. This step was a little tedious, I admit. Try watching old episodes of Lost while you do it.

Some magazine pages are much wider than others (think Oprah compared to People) so it naturally ended up with my having different lengths of magazine. You can also trim them to make the sunburst effect. I then hot-glued the magazines around the mirror, used some Windex to clean the spilled glue of the mirror surface, and was done! I just 3M hanging thingies to stick it to the wall.

Project #8: Spray-painted gold thrift store baskets

Spray-painted gold thrift store baskets | Painting Sunny

Spray-painted gold thrift store baskets | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Spray Painted Straw Baskets over at Martha Stewart.

This project was really convenient for me, as it served multiple purposes. I spray-painted about 8-9 baskets, and used most of them as the base for gift-baskets during the holidays. Each basket was between $1-2 dollars and from our local Goodwill. I was left with the two baskets above. The top one was perfect for storing my baskets in, and I like having the gold accents in the bedroom. Apparently gold is making a comeback, right?

The second basket, I just couldn’t part with after painting it. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was one of the $2 baskets (splurge, sort of) but is really woven delicately and is sort of a strange shape. It isn’t the most functional thing, but at least the remote control fits inside it.

Project #9: Butterfly Foot-Print Sentimental Art

Butterfly Foot-Print Sentimental Art | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Fingerpainting Fun over at Project Balancing Act.

Yes, I realize that every single person on Pinterest has pinned this, and a lot of people have done it. It is trendy and not all that unique… but I love it. I think it is so sweet having their little footprints up there, and this was just so affordable and easy to do. Well, until your son starts screaming bloody-murder as soon as the paint is on his feet and you have to hold him still while quickly shoving the canvas up against his feet to get the prints, all the while trying to keep your older child from smearing paint all over the pantry while she hunts for Goldfish crackers. Sorry… I may have personalized that a little bit.

This was made with a two-pack of canvases on sale at Hobby Lobby (I think it cost $3 for the pack) and some children’s non-toxic fingerpaints we had on hand. After the footprints had dried, I used a small brush to draw the black middle outline in. One canvas is our son’s footprints, and one is our daughters.

Project #10: Twine & Paint Vase

Twine & Paint Vase | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Vase Refresh over at Apartment Therapy.

This was the easiest and quickest of this set of projects, but also the one that didn’t turn out as well as I expected. I maybe try to re-do it at some point. This was made by my cleaning out an old, clear glass vase and then winding twine all around the outside. I taped the twine in place at the top and bottom, and then lightly sprayed two thin coats of white spray paint on it, letting it dry between coats. The lines turned out a little fuzzy, but it looks alright. If I did it again, I believe I would try rubber-bands instead of twine.

Please come hang out with me on Pinterest, too. I spend way too much time over there…

Well, that’s it for this set. Anyone else have a kid that is phobic about having paint or mud or anything gooey on them? Spending hours rolling magazine pages until your hands are stained dark purple? Oh, the things we do for crafts, am I right?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.


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