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Not a Real Post: Return From the Strange & Fabulous World of Orlando

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I am back in town and settled in front of the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy; so, obviously, this will be brief. I do have priorities.

Orlando was very nice… all warmth and sunshine, coming from a very chilly Indiana. A strange city, for sure, but really nice. The work-related conference was fabulous too. Without the kids with us, we skipped the main attractions in town (we were pretty busy in sessions and events, anyway) so didn’t do the Universal Studios or actual Disney park. We did soak up a little sunshine by the pool between sessions and socials, and hit up some really tasty restaurants. The place is expensive, but the food is sure good.

I went sans camera for the trip, since I knew it would just be frustrating to focus on work if I was tempted to do real tourism activities or photograph things. I did have the iPhone on-hand, though. It is literally always in my hand. I’m working on that.

No trip would be complete without a slide-show of random photos. Here are some Instagram-style ones to catch everyone up. I think Disney looks just a little more edgy and less cheesy via Instagram.

Painting Sunny's Orlando Trip

While we didn’t do the whole theme-park thing, we did take in Downtown Disney one night. It’s great; there was ample parking, no admission fee, and lots of interesting stuff to look at. We took some photos that we thought would most impress the kids. See above (beautiful princess carriage, made my miss my little girl!) …

Painting Sunny's Orlando Trip

…and terrifying dinosaur hanging above us (Lo would be suitably impressed).

Painting Sunny's Orlando Trip

Can you believe the above was a real person?! Okay, you probably can – but I was stunned. She was one of the most skilled people I think I’ve ever met. I mean, we didn’t really meet, as she doesn’t speak; that’s kind of the point, you know?

Painting Sunny's Orlando Trip

The handsome husband standing outside the T-REX building. Yes, he has the arms of a Disney Prince. Yes, I know they are amazing.

Painting Sunny's Orlando Trip

What is a bunch of trip photos without a random picture of food? When we ate at Cookes of Dublin inside Downtown Disney, I was pretty sure it would be overpriced and not all that great, based of my previous experiences with theme park food. This was so good. Maybe not the best good of the week (Mimi’s Cafe, the Caramel Brioche French Toast wins that award) but it was good. Grilled salmon wrap, and not even as expensive as most regular restaurants in town.

Well, thank you for politely sitting through the reel of vacay/conference photos! I was able to stay on-schedule blog-post-wise with some pre-writing and scheduling, but will be back Monday on schedule. See you then!

Anyone else finding the free/cheap tourist actions? Any trips lately? Restaurants I should hit up next time I’m in Orlando?

xoxo, D

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Hi there! I'm Dani, and it's lovely to meet you. My little family just moved to the quaint little college-town of Ithaca, NY and are loving it. Come hang out with me and talk about food, books, art, and other odd little things.

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