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Before the Blog – Pinterest Inspired Projects, Part I


Before having a blog, I actually did do stuff sometimes. Or, “in the beginning, there was chaos”. Same thing.

I have loved Pinterest since near the beginning of Pinterest. Not quite the beginning, but near. And the other day I was looking around and realized just how many pre-blog and pre-nice-camera projects I had done, many of which were Pinterest-Inspired. I may not be able to contribute these to a YHL or Bower Power Pinterest Challenge, but they do still exist and I wanted to give them a little recognition. So, here are five of them.

Oh yeah – and this is not at all sponsored by Pinterest. They may not know I exist…

… and, of course, please come over and visit me on Pinterest!

Project #1: Ceramic Tile Coasters

Ceramic Tile Coasters | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the tile coaster tutorial over at The Cottage Home.

I bought about 20 tiles at once and pretty much mass-manufactured these. The tiles were about 47 cents each at Lowe’s, if I’m not mistaken. This was over a year ago… so I may be mistaken, but I know they were not more than a buck each.

These were so so simple, cutting squares of scrap paper I had on hand already, and using Mod Podge both under and over the paper. I even added a few little scrap-booking letters to some of them, to make them more personalized. Then, I cut and stuck felt squares to the bottom to keep them from scratching surfaces. Quick, easy, and used in gift baskets for a bunch of people! I did keep a few for us, which are still hanging around the house.

Project #2: DIY “Mercury Glass” Lamps using Looking Glass Spray Paint

DIY "Mercury Glass" Lamps using Looking Glass Spray Paint | Painting Sunny

DIY "Mercury Glass" Lamps using Looking Glass Spray Paint | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the mercury glass lamp tutorial over at Designing Details.

Using Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, this was a snap. I made these almost 3 years ago, and they are holding up strong, even to occasional cleaning with Pledge Multi-Surface. It was easy as pie. I just needed to do it outdoors, as that spray paint really does require some serious ventilation and a mask. The lamps both came from Goodwill and originally one was powder blue and one was off-white. I think I paid $2 each for them, or so.

They are painted using a spray bottle of water in between the layers of paint to get the “mercury glass” affect. I bought both shades from Target, and seriously the shades cost more than the thrift shop lamp bases, re-wiring kits, and paint combined. Okay, maybe not… but close.

Project #3: Vintage Wrapping Paper Art

Vintage Wrapping Paper Art | Painting Sunny

Here is the close-up, if you wanted to see more detail on the symbols:

Vintage Wrapping Paper Art | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Pretty Papers post over at 7th House On The Left.

When my mother sent me a gift wrapped in this paper I completely freaked out and became a Mama Bear with it. Seriously over-protective. It is just so unique, and such an amazing color in person. Almost a Cerulean blue. I loved it, and immediately wanted to save it for a project. After some Googling, I found the blog post linked above… and the stars aligned.

Since then, Mom said it is vintage paper from her mother-in-law. I may go raid her stash of it sometime, and just cover a wall with it. Maybe.

FYI: I used a frame I had sitting around the house, that the glass had broken on. So, there is no glass in this frame. 

Project #4: Sensory Bottles for the Children

Sensory Bottles for the Children | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the Discovery Bottles at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

These were so affordable to make… I think I spent $7 total for 6 of them, and used up some bottles we were about to recycle. That said, it wasn’t the best-smelling project… it required ammonia. Kind of stinky. I found the instructions for dying the rice and noodles somewhere else on the web, and can’t seem to find it now.

Also, the kids like them alright, but it did not fascinate them to the extent I had hoped it would. Oh well, they are still pretty cool! However, the “glitter and glue” bottle turned out really milky-white for me. Maybe the wrong glue? Yes, the lids are super-glued on.

Project #5: DIY Thrift Shop Painted Candlesticks

DIY Thrift Shop Painted Candlesticks | Painting Sunny

Originally inspired by the candlestick project post at A Sort of Fairy Tale Girl.

Does anyone else get the Macklemore & Lewis song stuck in their head every time they say the words “thrift shop”? They are about to show at the town I live in, so are getting some serious radio play here.

Okay, these candlesticks are actually wooden and were purchased for 99 cents each from Goodwill. The post I was inspired by uses metal candlesticks, but I figured it would all work out. I used Krylon’s Rich Plum spraypaint (which I have used on other projects too) and I love the deep color. They have held up great, too, for 2 years now. The green candles are from Hobby Lobby… as is the giant gold P in the background.  I wish we had more stores in town… this is getting redundant.

Well, that’s it! I wish I had tutorial-style pictures or details, but again… this was all back in the day when I didn’t think to document everything… but they are all still around the house and being used, so their very existence is an accomplishment. Once again, please come hang out with me on Pinterest!

Anyone else have an amazing project that they just plain failed to document the process of, or show off to everyone? I seriously wish grown-ups got a show-and-tell time. I would rock that.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

Author: Dani @ Painting Sunny

Hi there! I'm Dani, and it's lovely to meet you. My little family just moved to the quaint little college-town of Ithaca, NY and are loving it. Come hang out with me and talk about food, books, art, and other odd little things.

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