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Book Review: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls


Book Review: The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls | By Painting Sunny

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

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A memoir of a childhood, Jeannette Walls recalls her life growing up and her transition into adulthood with a style that is clear, honest, and level-headed. The story of a family living in poverty; nomadic, complicated, and forever tied to each other.  What the Walls were lacking in stability and geographic roots, the children sought to make up for perseverance and loyalty.

Following the Walls children through each unsteady and abruptly shifting chapter of their lives, there are several lessons embedded. It is remarkable how resilient children can be, in their ability to adjust to hardships and care for each other wholly and absolutely. The Walls siblings survive. They each show unwavering loyalty to each other, while tenacious and self-aware. Each has gifts they were born with, and some of which appear to be the only true things their parents ever gave them. Jeannette has an unstoppable work-ethic, Lori is intelligent and creative, Brian has a friendly disposition and is level-headed. The family must rely on their wits and their initiative. Each sibling empowers and protects the others through each hardship.

Rex Wall’s glass castle was a dream, and a hope for a better life. Despite an often tenuous relationship with his wife and children, they showed kindness in pretending and supporting him; past the point of realization it was far-fetched and a deception that allowed him to excuse his lifestyle. Sometimes the hope of a better life is all you have, and the importance of maintaining the illusion is essential.

Jeannette Walls details the beauty she finds in the physical settings and in the occasional truly kind person in her life, even while calmly laying out the straightforward facts of the destitution that surrounded her.

Each Walls family member seems to find their place in the world. The key is, not everyone wants the same place. Some are seeking happiness; others are searching  for escape, freedom, a connection with another person, or a sense of stability.

The question I’m left with is: whatever happened to Maureen?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

Author: Dani @ Painting Sunny

Hi there! I'm Dani, and it's lovely to meet you. My little family just moved to the quaint little college-town of Ithaca, NY and are loving it. Come hang out with me and talk about food, books, art, and other odd little things.

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