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Flower Child: DIY Headbands

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As mentioned earlier, our 6 year-old daughter was home with a fever last week, and we got two solid days of quality time together. With a kid that age, the fun lasts for about half a day before some sort of distraction is required. By Friday afternoon, I was scouring my work room for something quick, easy, and entertaining enough to kill at least 20 minutes.

There they were, tossed on a counter; two headbands I had picked up in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. It was obvious that flower headbands had to be created.

Headbands 4

I know there are far fancier fabric flowers out there, but this was a quick fix and easy enough to have a kid take part in. I peeked a bit on Pinterest, and rediscovered this Prudent Baby compilation of 25 free fabric scrap-busting tutorials. I didn’t follow any one of them exactly, but morphed the fabric butterfly and the fabric flower tutorials they had.

Headbands 2

I gathered up my supplies:

  • Scraps of fabric that had a lot of pinks and greens, that were leftover from earlier projects
  • The little felt headbands I picked up on clearance from Hobby Lobby
  • Pink thread I had from an earlier sewing project
  • A sewing needle that can handle thick fabric
  • Two white buttons I had for some reason I can’t recall

Headbands 1

That’s right; they were on clearance for 71 cents each – awesome. They had been marked down a couple times, it looked like.

Headbands 9

First step, I set up Haven with a pencil and the stack of fabric scraps she picked out as her favorite. She was instructed to draw circles of various sizes (with a little size-guidance from me) on the wrong-side of the scraps. While she did this, I cut out the circles with my fabric shears.

Headbands 3

Haven helped me stack them up in little stacks that looked nice, balancing out the colors in each. Having the plain dark and light pink fabrics made all the difference, I think. The dark pink was from an old t-shirt, actually. The light pink was from a pillow-case.

Headbands 8

Once we had them all stacked nice and neat (but not perfectly) I sewed a few stitches in the middle of each, starting from the back of the stack, making three or four stitches in the center, and then tying it off in the back. Trim the loose threads on the back of each one.

Headbands 7

While we were at it, we went ahead and made a stack of six. We only had two headbands, but it kept her busy a little longer. I think I’ll pick up some hair clips and glue the remaining four to them at some point in the future.

Headbands 6

Haven was happy to model each one!

Headbands 5

So, she goes back to school fever-free and with a couple new accessories! Not bad for $1.42!

Any other scrap-busting projects that can keep a little kid occupied for awhile?

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.


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