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Fit for a Princess: DIY Vintage-style Bed Makeover


The work re-decorating our girl’s room started long, long ago… and has been crawling along at an un-inspiring pace ever since. This past November I did manage to update some of her furniture with a little paint job, though, and it made a huge difference in the space. I will share her re-painted desk later, but her bed was a priority as the largest piece of furniture in her room, and as something we already had sitting around – meaning no scouring second-hand furniture stores to find something to re-d0. It was already sitting in her room!

The look I was going for was a girlish and whimsical tone, but subtle; not in-your-face princessness. That is not a real word, by the way.

PS Bed 7 Updated

This was definitely a case of working with what you already have. When my husband and I moved in together, Haven was about two and a half years old and still sleeping in a toddler bed. This wooden twin bed is one my husband already owned and had in an extra bedroom. It had a little bit of an industrial feel, as it was pretty plain and there are holes in the middle of each of the head and food board posts, so it could be bunked.

It is sturdy and clean, though, and fixing it up was much easier on the budget than replacing it!

H's Bed Pre-Painted

I don’t have a great “before” picture, so this year-old iPhone one will have to work. We rent, so this picture was shortly after we moved into our current townhouse and her room was (is) decorated sort of make-shift with things we had laying around; the wall decals were ones Haven very much wanted, and they have made her happy – although they are wearing a little thin on me.

This project was done both pre-blog and pre-camera, so I also don’t have any amazing tutorial-style actions shots. I will try to explain as best as possible!

The kids have also grown considerably since then.

PS Bed 1

Almost as soon as it was available, I ordered several colors of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (or MMSMP as she calls it). You may recall it from this table we talked about a couple of weeks ago.

PS 14

This was my second project using MMSMP, and I chose the color Ironstone for it. In the picture above, it is not pictured on a box… it is the little tiny bit leftover in that plastic bag! I chose Ironstone because I thought the off-white with the gold would still have a slightly royal vibe for Haven, but was classic enough it could grow with her.

Before getting started, I plugged the holes in each head and foot board post up with old paper of all things (it was what I had on hand) and used some wood filler stuff to fill them in further, smoothed them as much as possible with a little spatula, and let them dry before I painted over them.

PS Bed 2

Isn’t that monkey a little adorable?

I began painting, with some bonding agent added (also from the MMSMP line), each piece of the furniture separately  I took it all apart and cleaned it well beforehand. I didn’t bother sanding it at all beforehand, though. I was testing the bonding agent, and am happy to report it passed with flying colors!

After the first coat, I let it dry thoroughly and then painted a second coat, without the bonding agent, on each piece. Again, I let it dry very well (overnight).

The next evening I used some sandpaper to “rough up” the edges and a few other spots on the bed, to give it a little more vintage appeal. It distressed really easily – I was glad I used the bonding agent, however, so I had more control over the whole process.

I then rubbed two coats of furniture wax (again, from MMSMP) on it, letting it dry lightly between coats and buffing it with a rag when the second coat had dried.

PS Bed 3

A few weeks before starting to paint, I picked up two finial post-top thingies from Lowe’s. I think they are traditionally meant for topping staircase posts. They were somewhat pricey by my standards, at about $10 each as I recall. Still, I was geeking out on my new paint and couldn’t wait for a sale or a cheaper option, and knew they would add the princessy touch I was looking for. We don’t have a Home Depot here, I really wish we did!

Above is a close-up of finials – I love how they turned out, even if I cringe at how much I spent on them. They were white when I bought them, which was the only color option they had besides a dark walnut stain. A little Rub ‘N Buff was clearly called for. If you haven’t used Rub ‘N Buff before, Our Fifth House has a great tutorial on it!

I had some antique gold Rub ‘N Buff left over from an earlier project, so used it to buff these white finials to a gorgeous gold! One little tube of that lasts forevs.

PS Bed 4

While I had the Rub ‘N Buff busted out, I thought I would add a little something to the foot-board posts too. Above is a close up! As I mentioned before, there were holes in each post that I had filled in and painted over. It wasn’t a perfect job, though, so I thought the stencil would help distract from the traces of it you can see. The stencil also came from Hobby Lobby about a year ago – it is one of those little gold-colored metal ones.

PS Bed 5

So there you have it! It may not be a Pottery Barn original, but I think it is a definite improvement. I wish the walls were painted! This bed is a start, though, for sure, and I’m glad she is sleeping in bed suitable for the princess she aspires to be!

PS Bed 6 

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation for anything written. Keepin’ it real.

PSS: This post was linked to Furniture Feature Friday At A Time on Miss Mustard Seed‘s Blog. Thank you! Gotta love a link party.


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4 thoughts on “Fit for a Princess: DIY Vintage-style Bed Makeover

  1. Cute, your girls must be so happy!

  2. Super cute! Definitely fit for a princess now! :)

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