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A Haven For Haven – Inspiration For Our Girl’s Room

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I am about to embark on a major voyage… and one I hope won’t involve any battles. Yes, I am redecorating my six year old daughter’s room. Haven has spent years now devoted to Disney Princesses and hot pink. Not that those aren’t awesome, but they have just worn me down with their plasticy smiles and over-saturated hues. It is time for a change! Anyone with a kindergarten-aged daughter knows, however, that they are not necessarily easily convinced. Still, I’m trying to get her on board by giving her a chance to provide input… while still limiting it to things that don’t make me cringe.  To describe what I’m going for, the first words that come to mind for me are: Vintage, feminine, subtle details, calm, pretty,  colorful and not all  muted, clean, bright. I’d like to focus around vintage floral fabric designs. The overall effect should be whimsical but not cluttered. Wow, that was a lot of adjectives.

I’m working on an official mood board with my current specific thoughts… but I’m letting it slowly evolve while I gather some inspiration. I am right at the starting line: a general color scheme and a vague idea of the look I am going for. Thank you to my Pinterest obsession for helping me out on this one. All that pinning isn’t wasted time, right?

Let’s start with color. I love color… bright, neutral, bold, subtle… I love all of it. I noticed that, when thinking of Haven’s room, I was drawn to some colors by Benjamin Moore (the paint company). Clarification: this post is not sponsored by Benjamin Moore. They just happened to have a few colors that seemed most accurate to what I was picturing in my head.

Looking at vintage floral fabrics, there are a lot of nice color combinations. My daughter’s favorite color is pink, so I want to stick with it but maybe steer her towards corals and softer pinks. I would love a clean, bright green. To keep it from being girly-overload, a nice blue seems to pop up in a lot of vintage designs. Here are my choices:

OB-Haven's Room Paint Colors Numbered

  1. Coral Gables by Benjamin Moore (paint # 2010-40)
  2. Utah Sky by Benjamin Moore (paint # 2065-40)
  3. Spring Meadow Green by Benjamin Moore (paint # 2031-40)

I’d like these colors to be worked in together in harmony; combined in a quilt, banner, artwork… who knows how, but something cohesive. The grounding color should be a nice vintage white, to provide a clean base. Oh, now I’m getting excited…

There are a lot of gorgeous rooms out there, and I’ve stumbled over several that are so perfectly what I am picturing in my head. When looking for inspiration rooms, Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, and Modern Parents Messy Kids are all great places to start. I managed to narrow my inspiration pieces down to four… hard work I tell you. Even if I don’t come close to achieving these looks, part-way would be a big improvement over our current Disney, hot pink, miss-matched mess.

Indigo's Hyggelig Nook

Source: Apartment Therapy; Indigo’s Hyggelig Nook

cheery-country-girls-room ivillage

Source: iVillage, Home Organization Ideas: Color Combinations (#16)

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids via skona hem

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids via skona hem

Source: Jelanie Shop Blog

Source: Jelanie Shop Blog

Sigh… gorgeous, right? Funny how three of the four rooms have one of those trendy triangle banners… I guess I know one project I should start on. I actually already have the perfect fabric for it, too, courtesy of an awesome Etsy shop I ordered from. Who doesn’t love Etsy, right? I swear, half my earrings were less than $10 and ordered of Etsy. Okay, maybe 3/4 of them. Or almost all.

Here are a few Etsy shops that are totally my jam right now. The only one I have actually ordered from is SugarSweetSheets. It was a great experience; very sweet shop owner, quick service, they made me a great deal… Not only would I order from them again, I probably will soon. (Again, this post is not sponsored by anyone. Just my own wallet and thought process.)

Girl's Room Inspiration from Painting Sunny

  1. fruitflypie; Ceramics and embroider beyond adorable, it’s whimsical and pretty.
  2. DesignAtelierArticle; Vintage finds for any space, but this clock is a perfect hue.
  3. LauraFrisk; Quirky woodblock printed pillows, for something unique and woodsy.
  4. SugarSweetSheets; Floral, vintage fabrics that are affordable, practical, and lovely.
  5. CocktailZoo; Some of these are a little intense, but this bunny is straight out of a storybook.
  6. AddisonWonderland; Gorgeous decor items, including canopies. Could these photographs be any more gorgeous?
  7. oliverbludesigns; Lovely little banners that are a clean and bright design.

Although I make almost all of the decorations and artwork for the kids myself, Etsy is addictive with it’s gorgeous shops, and if I can’t or don’t feel up to making something myself, supporting an individual artist is always a great feeling.

Well, this is the tip of the iceberg for this room, but I feel inspired and ready to get started! Anyone else with a princess-loving kindergartner? Any advice on how to collaborate with them on design decisions? To be continued…


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